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Transoceanic Telecommunications

Transoceanic Telecommunications

A transoceanic optical fiber network has special challenges all its own. The distances are tremendous, there are no convenient places to install equipment for signal regeneration, and the system is deployed in a challenging environment. A clear requirement of a transoceanic fiber optic network is the ability to transmit signals as far as possible without regeneration.OFS has solved this need with industry-leading, high-performance fiber products that optimize optical network performance under the sea.

OFS offers exceptional products that overcome these challenges and provide maximum performance. Our fibers were the first reduced dispersion slope fibers of their kind in the industry, enabling network providers to dramatically increase the channel capacity and transmission speed of submarine networks. And, our newest fibers have built on this legacy of success by optimizing effective area and loss performance to get the most out of next-generation transmission technologies.

Fiber products associated with this applicationS:

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